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SoMixxy Seasonal Mixx Kit

SoMixxy Seasonal Mixx Kit

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Seasonal Mixx Kits

Experience the essence of mixology with SoMixxy's Seasonal Mixx Kit!

Designed for both novices and connoisseurs alike, this kit encapsulates the art of crafting cocktails and mocktails, ensuring each drink is both a taste sensation and a visual masterpiece.

What's Inside:

  1. Complete Ingredients: Every element you need to concoct up to 9 exquisite cocktails or mocktails, offering a plethora of flavor combinations.
  2. Signature Syrups: Two (2) 8 oz. bottles of SoMixxy's exclusive seasonal syrups, the secret to unparalleled drink depth and complexity.
  3. Purest Juices: A selection of four (4) juices, chosen to perfectly complement the seasonal syrups and create balanced, refreshing beverages.
  4. Effervescence Enhancers: Four (2) carbonated mixers to give your drinks that sought-after sparkle.
  5. Finishing Touches: Assorted garnishes to beautify and infuse additional flavors, along with rimming salts and sugars for the perfect glass edge.
  6. Step-by-Step Guidance: Detailed recipe cards, ensuring each drink you craft is a masterpiece in its own right.
  7. Masterclass Videos: Unlock the secrets of expert mixology with pre-recorded recipe videos hosted by the esteemed Ty Nicole, turning every drink-making session into a learning experience.
  8. Shipping On Us: To make your experience seamless, we offer free shipping on every order.

The Premium SoMixxy Experience: Own the mixology space with a SoMixxy-branded bottle opener, shot glass, and mason jar, each exuding style and sophistication.

Kindly Note: This premium kit is all about the mix; liquor is NOT included. Drink with delight, but always with discretion.

Craft, sip, and savor with SoMixxy's Premium Seasonal Mixx Kit. Your journey to mixology mastery begins here! 🍸🍹πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

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