Sip, Savor, Love

Sip, Savor, Love

Ty, what are we sipping on today?

Our Drink of the Month is a special cocktail I made for the latest episode of Pour Minds.

I was super excited to make this cocktail since our guest, Talitha, likes rum. And we don’t get to use rum a lot in the show. We often get the tequila, the vodka, maybe a little bourbon. But, rarely do we get rum.

Because it's Valentine's Day, this one’s called the Pu$$y Fairy 'cause I know I'm about to go sprinkle a little dust on my man — my man, my man, my man!

This one has some spice rum, chinola passionfruit liqueur, lime juice, and then some orgeat, which is that almond syrup topped and floated with angostura bitters.

(We usually only add a little bit of angostura bitters but given that it’s a special occasion now, we like to give a little bit of that spice.)

We have it garnished with a fresh mint sprig and some pineapples.

Let us know if you made this cocktail by tagging us on Instagram, @sommixxy!

Pu$$Y Fairy Recipe


Sip, Savor, Love

Valentines season is a time when love fills the air like the sweet aroma of freshly shaken cocktails.

As a mixologist and a fervent believer in the power of love, this time of year holds a special place in my heart. For me, the season is not just about roses, chocolates, or grand gestures.

(Okay, maybe a little of that. I do like a little romance myself.)

I like to believe that it’s about something far more profound – spreading love in all the beautiful ways one can.

This season and event is a beautiful reminder to celebrate love in its purest essence – whether it's the love shared between partners, the camaraderie among friends, or the unwavering support of family.

It's about embracing the warmth of human connection and reveling in the joy of spreading kindness wherever we go.

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